By donating clothes, you’re helping charities, the environment and those in need.

Partnered Charities and Organizations

Bag2Charity work with some of the UK’s most respected and renowned charities. Our collections enable charities, without a network of charity shops or the means to process second hand clothes, an alternative way of raising money. What’s also important to our charities is the fact that we offer a convenient, hassle free alternative for those who want to donate clothes.

Donate your clothes to Funzi Bodo, a charity that helps poor people in Africa

Funzi Bodo

The Funzi and Bodo Trust works in two isolated mud hut villages in Kenya called Funzi and Bodo. Places where people had been living without the basics of life including clean water and toilets until the Trust came along. The charity helps provide education and training, cares for sick and disabled people and helps families beat poverty by helping them to start small businesses with interest free loans and guidance. The Trust also provides local sanitation.

Support Kidney Research Yorkshire by donating your clothes

Kidney Research Yorkshire

For over 50 years, Kidney Research Yorkshire has been supporting vital research into kidney disease and working to raise awareness about its risk factors. Kidney disease is a silent killer with over 3 million people in the UK suffering from it right now. An estimated 1 million of those 3 million don’t know they have it and there is no cure.

Donate your unused clothes to support Wendy's Wish

Wendy’s Wish

Wendy's Wish is a family run charity that started in memory of Wendy Reed, who died from eye cancer on 6th January 2017. As a family, they set up the charity to raise money for the Eye Tumour Research Fund and to help cancer patients and their families, at the same time as raising the profile of all forms of eye cancer.

Urgent Appeal: Stand together in times of crisis!

In the face of unexpected disasters such as earthquakes, floods, terrorism and other emergencies, it is crucial that we come together as a compassionate global community to provide immediate assistance to those in need. In addition, by supporting partnered Charities and other non-profit organisations that we regularly work with, we believe we can do more. Today, we find ourselves in a critical situation where our help is urgently required.

Bag2Charity is committed to making a positive impact, therefore we are going to launch emergency response campaigns from time to time to raise and swiftly provide funds to affected individuals and communities when the disaster happens. Your support and generosity can make a significant difference in helping us deliver vital assistance to those who have been affected by these devastating events.

Donate clothes to earthquake victims
Donate clothes to tsunami and flooding victims